Our Community Services

1. Sinhala/English Bilingual Medium Preschool.
2. Sinhala/English Bilingual Medium Dhamma School.
3. Mindfulness Meditation Day.
4. Chittabhyasa Bodhi Pooja and Deva Pooja/ Navagraha Pooja.
5. Chittabhyasa Mobile Dharma Library.
6. Chittabhyasa Public Library.
7. Language Counseling Services.
8. Chittabhyasa Tripitaka Vidyalaya.
9. Vocational Training Courses.
10. Prith Training Course (for Laymen/ Monks).
11. Astrology Certificates, Diplomas and Degree Courses.
12. Art Sculpture Engraving Certificates, Diploma Courses.
13. Old Temple Mural Painting Certificates, Diploma Courses.
14. Religious Training Programs (For Lay Theros/ Dasasil Mothers).
15. English Language Basic, Certificates, Diplomas for Novice Monks.
16. Chittabhyasa Swarna House Project.
17. Chittabhayasa Funeral Assistance Project.
18. Foreign Mission Service English Annual Course.
19. Drug Prevention Programs.
20. Free Provision of Dharamshala for Weddings/ Funerals.
21. Distribution of Dry Rations.
22. Providing Stationery for School Students.
23. Allowing People to Stay on Our Premises During Flooding and Other Disasters.

Community Services
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