At the Mind Development Training and Research International Buddhist Center, we are dedicated to serving our community through various programs aimed at fostering mental well-being and personal growth.

To continue our initiatives and expand our community services, we are seeking your support through donations and contributions. Your generosity will significantly aid our efforts in providing invaluable resources and opportunities to individuals seeking mental development and spiritual enrichment.

It is important to note that all donations and contributions will be accepted under the supervision of our esteemed mentor, Ven. Senior Professor Uthurawala Dhammarathana Thero. Your support will be handled with the utmost care and transparency under his guidance.

If you are willing to contribute or would like more information on how to do so, please contact us directly. Your participation will make a meaningful difference in our ability to continue serving our community.

Your kindness and support are deeply appreciated. Thank you for considering our cause and for your potential contributions toward our shared goals.

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